Welcome to TGF Optics

For many years, TGF Optics has been known for their lens production and glazing. At TGF we want to transfer the know-how and the philosophy of freeform to our customers, so they are able to give their patients an afforable and optically advanced solution adapted to each individual needs. Our lens design enables customers to calculate different kinds of lens specialties considering the individual needs of the consumer.

We offer a wide range of individual lens designs. Different channel lengths combined with various designs maximize the customer value. Additionally, TGF Optics has designs for special needs such as blended tri-focal, mild add, office lenses, blended high minus (lenticular), or atoric optimization and allows to build a complete product family on a very high level. All designs can be decentred up to 10 mm to guarantee the thinnest lenses possible.

To develop a new progressive lens to a high quality level, extreme complex and powerful optimization programs are necessary. To simplify, you have to imagine that the optimization program looks for a surface which combines two different spheric surfaces (distance and near vision) as evenly as possible.

Here at TGF Optics, our promise to our customers is to provide state of the art lenses at competative prices. Our dedication in investing in modern machinary allows us to achieve superb quality and accuracy. This is why we are the lab of choice for many independant opticians across the country.






The Freeform technology lenses offer a far wider viewing area which reduces non-adaptability to varifocals lenses.

This reduces dizziness or balance problems that can occur with new varifocals.

As the Prescription is surfaced onto the back of the lens, this is nearer to the eye offering a better field of vision for distance, intermediate and reading.

These lenses offer a guarantee that you will adapt more easily to your new varifocals.


TGF Optics is an independent ophthalmic manufacturing company. We provide a wide range of lens coating services for the ophthalmic industry including hard coating, anti-reflection coating and lens tinting. We also manufacture and supply prescription Rx lenses. Our laboratory uses state of the art cleaning and lacquering technology together with the most advanced processes and equipment to ensure a consistent high quality service every time.

• Excellent customer service & aftercare service

• Rigorous quality control checks

• Easy online order tracking system

• Competitive pricing

• Express delivery across the UK


TGF Optics is the lens coating supplier of choice for both independent opticians and well-known, high street ophthalmic stores across the UK. To find out more about any of our lens coating services please call 0191 4471512 or use our contact form.


Accurate glazing is an essential part of TGF Optics service, and we carry out all prescription and surfacing tasks with fast, efficient precision at our Prescription House. We welcome other companies' frames at our Prescription House to glaze and do not charge for metal glazing on our own full-rimmed frames.

Technical expertise, in-depth knowledge of frames and processes combined with proven delivery and a simple pricing system make the TGF Optics glazing service the ideal choice for the independent optician in the UK.